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Friday, December 7, 2012

HANA Professional 1" Flat Iron from Misikko

Happy Friday y'all!

I can't believe how long it's been since I've written last!
In my defense, I've been trying to write a post on my Thanksgiving for weeks now, and I've been battling Blogger not letting me upload pictures.
Anyway, I'm glad I've found a solution for now :)

A few months ago, the wonderful people at Misikko sent me one of their flat irons to try!
They sent me the HANA Professional 1" Flat Iron which is one of their best selling and top-rated flat irons.

I have three words for you:

My flat iron arrived to me well packaged and with a few other goodies inside which I've also really enjoyed.



One thing I really liked about this flat iron was all the extras it came with.
Not only did it come with a leather travel pouch, it also came with a heat proof pouch and a heat proof silicone mat.

Flat iron with leather pouch.

Top: Heat proof pouch
Bottom: Heat proof silicone mat

I've spent a lot of time using this flat iron, and I must say that it is the best 1" flat iron I've ever used.
It leaves your hair feeling silky smooth which not all salon grade flat irons do.
As I already have naturally straight-ish hair, I got my mom to try it too.
My mom has really thick hair that has a tendency to be frizzy and uncooperative in the South Carolina heat and humidity.
After a few exceptionally bad hair days, she decided to try the HANA Pro, and her hair looked and felt silky smooth!
She tried it again the following day, only to have another amazing hair day without the frizz.
After using the HANA Pro for two days, she switched back to her straightener and found her hair to once again be frizzy and not smooth like when she used the HANA Pro.

The feature that I liked most about this flat iron was the temperature control.
Before this flat iron, I bought a CHI flat iron that didn't have a way to change the temperature.
I can't even express the difference that the temperature control on this flat iron has made for my hair!
I am now able to select the temperature that is safe an healthy to use on my hair type.

Temperature control ranging from 140-450° F.

Another thing that I love about this flat iron is that it is safe to use on damp hair.
Because if you're anything like me, you get impatient and don't dry your hair all the way through :)
Some other great features of the HANA Pro flat iron:


  • Advanced Tourmaline Ceramic Plates for Accelerated Ion Generation and Maximum Frizz-Free, Conditioning Shine
  • Ceramic is naturally hygienic, protects color & retards fading
  • Floating 1" Plates Auto-Adjust To Glide Over Any Hair Texture
  • Curved Plate Edges For Versatile Styling - Curl, Flip or Straighten!
  • Flash Heats in Seconds with Instant Compensation for Heat Loss
  • Ergonomic Handle Design with No-Slip Grip
  • Smooth Grooves Keep Hair Strands Separate and Snag-Free
  • Tangle-Free Salon Quality Cord Swivels 360°; Convenient Hanging Loop
  • Energy Efficient at 38 Watts
  • Independent On/Off Switch
  • Two Year Warranty

With the holidays coming up, this would make a great Christmas gift!
Misikko offers free shipping on the HANA Pro 1" flat iron, and it ships the same day so there is still plenty of time to order!

To find out more about the differences between a HANA Pro Flat Iron and a CHI Flat Iron, click HERE.

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