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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

This week I was lucky enough to win the Stylish Blogger Award from Elizabeth at Life with Elizabeth! I was super excited to win this award from a blog that I follow and love! Go check her blog out :)

1. Link back and thank the person who gave it to you.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 5 stylish blogs you read.
4. Contact them and tell them about their award!


I am a college student at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. I am studying Biology, and I love it....and I have no idea what I want to do with it yet :)


I absolutely love animals, and I have a passion for helping them. All of my pets have been rescued from environments where they probably wouldn't have survived, from going to the pound, and from animal shelters. My Pomeranian Youri is one that I most recently adopted from Lowcountry Animal Rescue. He was 7 years old when I adopted him and had been abused for most of his life. When I first saw him, he didn't even have any hair! I had to wait a long time for him to become adoptable, but he was worth the wait :)


I love my sweet husband! We have been through so much in the years we've been together. He's seen me at my best, and seen me at my worst. And he loves me anyway despite my flaws. He's always been so supportive of all my dreams and ambitions. He's the sole provider for our family so that I can go to school, and he still finds time to help me with all the stuff that needs to get done around the house. He is more than I deserve, and I thank God everyday for this man that he made just for me!


My family is one of the most important things to me. I have been blessed to have parents who love and support me and a sister I can call my best friend. My mom is the person I go to when I need to laugh, cry, vent, ask advice, who makes my day better, the first person I call with good or bad news, and who can spend 3 hours in the same store with me and not get bored. My dad is the person who taught me what it means to work hard for what I want in life, the importance of being someone people can depend on, and the person I yell at the television with during college basketball season. My sister is someone that I can talk about anything with, be silly and crazy with the way only sisters can, stay up late laughing and crying together, and who watches Disney movies with me so we can act like little kids. I love my family, and I wouldn't take anything for what they have meant to my life.


I have helplessly straight hair. It won't curl or do anything but be straight. It's also really thin so it doesn't like to stay up in ponytails or clips. I've only had curly hair about 3 times in my life, and I had to get it professionally done to get it to stay that way! Because it's so thin, during the winter it is really prone to static. It does what it wants :)


I am an avid Duke basketball fan! I live for college basketball season to come around.


I have a new found love for crafting and decorating my home. I have loads of fun shopping at Hobby Lobby and finding new things to create and finding things to decorate my home with! I've especially had a lot of fun playing around with making floral arrangements.

Now, to award 5 blogs I read. I want to preface this by saying I obviously love all the blogs I follow and so many of you are very deserving of this award :) I am passing this award on to these stylish blogs.

3. Bridget at Among The Chaos
4. Tana at Tanalicious
5. Brittany at b.mary & blessed

 Go and check out these lovely ladies' blogs!


  1. I have no idea what to say!! Thank you so much Rebecca! I have seen these awards here and there and I never really expected I'd be getting one! Thank you so very much!!

    I may or may not have been overly excited and had to calm down before leaving this comment. :D I'm guessing picking you as a stylish blog back isn't possible? lol Because you'd be at the top of my list! If I can and can't do a few more things about yourself let me know cause I'd love to tag you back! :)

  2. Ps. Your dress is breathtaking. I love the side view where you're putting on your mom's corsage because you can really see a lot of the detail! So beautiful!

  3. Congrats on the award! The flower arrangements are gorgeous!

  4. Awwwww, thank you so much!! I have enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know you!

  5. College basketball is the absolute best... March Madness may be my second favorite time of the year {first is Christmas!}!!

  6. I am absolutely taken away! I want you to know I was somewhat doubting today if I had a good blog, and you made my whole day! I am serious! I was extremely excited and flattered. Thank you so much for chosing my blog!

    Also, I love your blog. I read it every day, so I had to award the award back to you! I know you already did it, but if you would like you can go to my page to accept it again! Thank you again. I am enjoying getting to know your through the blogging world!

    Kae :)

  7. You're adorable!! Thank you so much :)

  8. Thank you so much!! I haven't been blogging a whole month yet so I was honored and really excited to see that you had picked me!

    I love your blog, I wish I could give this award right back to you!
    Thank you again!! :)


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