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Friday, July 22, 2011

My Passion

I love animals. I always have. There is a soft spot in my heart when it comes to them. That's why when Ashley over at The Shine Project asked for us to link up our pet stories, I knew this challenge was for me :)

She just adopted this little cutie, Oliver, from the pound!

As a lot of y'all already know, adopting animals is something that is near and dear to my heart.
ALL of my animals have either been strays, headed to the pound, or rescued from a shelter.
Since I've had quite a few, I'll only tell you about the two most recently adopted :)

Meet Youri

Youri is an 8 year old, full bred Pomeranian. March 2011 marked one year since I adopted him from Lowcountry Animal Rescue. It was love at first sight when I first saw him online, and I had no doubt that he was the dog I was looking for. I had to wait months to adopt him because he had so many problems. 

His previous owners before me were very abusive. He was malnourished. He was kept outside on a chain that caused him tracheal damage due to him pulling on the chain. 

He has scarring around his neck. His teeth are broken off from (my best guess) attempts of escape. His breath smells from tooth decay. He scares easily. He has trust issues. He has aggression problems. He has a bad cough from his tracheal damage. He has an overly sensitive stomach. He goes to the bathroom a lot in the house. His eyes don't see as well as he should. His ears don't hear as well as they should. He has bitten me a couple of times.

And he is mine.

The way his face lights up when I tell him we're "GOING," and he knows he's going for a ride. The way he trembles when I come home because he's glad it's me. The way he wants me to play with him with his toys, but he doesn't know how to trust me yet so we do the best we can. The way he lifts his nose in the air when he smells his favorite treats. The way he nuzzles his head in my neck as we go to sleep at night.

These are the things that I think of when I think about my experience adopting him. Not the bad.

Not the things he experienced the 7 years before me.

But the experience I've given him for a year now.

The things he should have been given all his life.

Meet D'Artagnan

D'Artagnan (pronounced Dar-tan-yun) is a 12 week old kitten. I adopted him from Operation C.A.R.E about a month ago. He was found underneath a porch. He doesn't remember any of it :)

To view adoptable animals in your area, please visit You will enter your zip code, type of animal (optional), and breed of animal (optional). The search engine will give you a list of animals that are adoptable, their bio, and the shelter associated with them in your area.


  1. I'm crying over here! I am so sensitive about pet abuse and it rips right through my heart to hear of such horrible things. I will never, never in life understand why anyone would want to hurt an animal. Never. There is no reason to not love a dog, cat, or whatever pet. If someone doesn't want a pet I don't understand why they get one anyway? You know that movie Hotel for Dogs? If I had enough money to run one of those as a place for pets before they were adopted, I so would. :) I can't watch the commercials on tv about abused pets because I cry every time. Anyone who abuses a pet should be tortured just the same. :(

  2. I'm with Ashley, Youri's story has me in tears. He has such a sweet face, it's so hard to believe anyone could treat him so poorly. I don't know how anyone can be so cruel to animals, they don't deserve it in the slightest.

    Ashley mentioned Hotel for Dogs, I'm a big supporter of Caboodle Ranch ( - if you can watch the videos of it, do it! It's so precious. I'm a cat person, and we have a lot of strays by my mom's house so we're constantly rescuing kittens with the help of this wonderful woman who I kindly refer to as "The Crazy Cat Lady".

    Aw, I just love furbabies. <3

  3. Both adorable and both so lucky to have a wonderful home. They've brought you as much joy as you've brought them.

  4. These little guys are adorable and I am so glad you adopted them. I adopted all my pets too and we always support our local humane society.
    Love this post!!!
    Saw you over at The Shine Project

  5. Aww you are too sweet! And your little furbabies are adorable. Good find for your rescue! They are lucky to have found a loving momma like you.

  6. Youri is adorable! I am in love with him! His story made me cry :( it is just disgusting that people can do that! D'artagnan looks like such a cool dude! What a gorgeous fur-family you have!

  7. What cutie pies! Rescuing is so important to me, and it makes me so happy when other people realize what a difference it makes! Love your little fur babies!! :)


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