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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wedding ABC's

In honor of my anniversary being just a week away, I thought I would tell y'all a little bit about my wedding!


We had about 150 guests at our wedding! I never thought I'd ever have one this big, but as you know, you keep thinking of people to invite :)


I had four bridesmaids. My sister Michelle was my Maid of Honor. My cousin Danielle, my best friend Heather, and my practically sister Joyce were my other bridesmaids.


Our reception was catered by our venue, Wescott Plantation Country Club. Our cake was done by Publix.


My dress was perfect! I felt like a princess in it :) It was actually the last dress I tried on!


We were engaged for 10 months before we got married.


My flowers were done by OK Florists. The bouquets were made of calla lilies, roses, and gerber daisies. The guys wore roses, and Chris wore a calla lily.


We had four groomsmen. Chris' dad was the Best Man. His brother Greg, his friend Jimmy, and his friend from high school Patrick were the other groomsmen.


We honeymooned in Honolulu, Hawaii! It was definitely a dream vacation, and the best honeymoon I could have asked for!


I had my invitations printed by a professional company, but I added ribbon myself. It was a lot cheaper that way :)

Justice of the Peace:

We had my former youth pastor, Erik, marry us.


For our guests we had bubbles, thank-you cards with seed paper flowers on them for planting, and candy with our names and wedding date on them.

Our keepsakes were our guest book, engagement photo signed by our guests, and our toasting flutes and serving set.

Ladies Night:

I had a great bachelorette party! My family, friends, and I had dinner, played games, and opened presents at my house. Then we went to downtown Charleston for a final girls night out.


We had a pianist play music for the ceremony. My sister's good friend sang and played the song "From This Moment On" during our unity candle lighting. Our reception was done by a DJ.


I still consider us newlyweds :)


My something old was a brooch of my grandmother's that had passed away. She was very special to me, and it was important to me that she be included in my day.

My something new was my dress.
My something borrowed was my mom's sweetheart ring. My dad gave my mom that ring when she was 16 years old!
My something blue was my garter. I'm a huge Duke Blue Devils fan so that was a no brainer. It was actually one of the first things for the wedding I bought :)


Do I have to talk about this? *sigh*
Lets just leave it at that.
I saved money by not hiring a professional, and that's what I got.
In my defense though she had done a wonderful job on the engagement photos.
These pictures I'm using? From the photographer. Not just a friend. For Real. At least they look better printed than online.

Question Popping:

I have a rather interesting engagement story. I was away in Baltimore, MD doing AIT for the Army. My husband drove for 11 hours to come see me one weekend. Of course, that was the ONLY weekend of my 13 weeks there that my company got in trouble and was on lockdown for the entire weekend. We couldn't leave post or wear civilian clothes. So I got engaged sitting on the edge of the Chesapeake Bay in my PT uniform! It definitely made the weekend a lot better :)


We had our reception at Wescott Plantation Country Club which was convenient because it was close to the church where we got married.


I got married in Jack's! I was too nervous to walk down the isle in heels. Plus my feet thanked me that night :)

Trash the Dress:

Nope :) It's still hanging in my closet.


Chris and I wrote each other letters before the ceremony and read them right before it started.

We also had a garter placement at the reception! The single guy who caught the garter had to place it on the single lady's leg who caught the bouquet. And wouldn't you know that my sister and Chris' brother were the two lucky ones!


We had traditional vows.

Wedding Woes:

Really my day was absolutely perfect! I wouldn't change anything about it. It was the happiest day of my life!


I don't know what this means. But I'm going to say no.

Young kids:

We had one flower girl which was a little girl that I babysat a lot. We had two ring bearers which were my two cousins.


We were actually lucky and got to sleep later the next morning because our flight didn't leave until that afternoon!

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  1. Your wedding pictures are beautiful! I loved that you used yellow as the bridesmaids dresses. You looked gorgeous!

  2. This was seriously one of my favorite posts EVER. I think it should be the law that everyone does one of these from now on :)

    ha, the X-Rated one made. me. laugh.

  3. I loled at the X-Rated answer too, haha

    Look how long your hair is in that one picture!! Do you miss it being that long??

    I love the yellow accents and dresses. I really love it when people use brighter accent colors like greens, blues and yellows. So pretty.

  4. I love all the yellow, and your dress was beautiful!

  5. I should do something fun like this for our anniversary this fall!

    Your wedding was absolutely gorgeous, Rebecca. And you did look exactly like a princess!

    My husband and I bought cards and wrote in them while getting ready and swapped them to read before he ceremony. :) I loved that we did that.

    I'm so glad your day was 100% perfect (excluding the photographer troubles.) How is it we are so alike? I'll never be able to fully grasp that! Our photographer was a nightmare too but you already knew that. :)

    I hope you and Chris have a wonderful 1st anniversary!

  6. Love it! You look so beautiful and the yellow is a perfect pop of color!


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