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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

From Army Duty To Sex Shop -- Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday y'all!

I had the most interesting weekend at my Army weekend that I've ever had!

On Sunday we went out to do some driver's training.
The day seemed like it was going to be short, and I was so glad since I had a long drive home.

Boy were we wrong.

During the training one of our big tanker trucks went to turn and got hit by an oncoming 18-wheeler.

Here's how our truck faired:

The whole front was torn off.

And here was the other truck:

Don't worry. No one was hurt thankfully.
But needless to say it didn't end up being a short day for maintenance. 
All the drivers left in their trucks to head back while maintenance had to stay behind to tow the truck back.

So here's the fun part.
Our truck just happened to wreck in front of a sex shop.
The sign read:
"DVDs. Novelties. Live Modeling"

And of course,
I had to use the bathroom bad.

So I decided to brave it and go inside to use the restroom.
I was led back to the bathroom by a girl wearing a bra and smoking a cigarette!!

When I got to the bathroom I tried my hardest not to touch anything.
The door knob.
The handle on the toilet.
The light switch.

And then when I went to wash my hands I realized there was
no soap.

Now I can't be sure,
but I'm pretty positive that more goes on in this store than just merchandise sales
if you know what I mean.

All I'm saying is that while I was there i witnessed several guys go in,
and not one of them came back appearing to have made any purchases.

So that's how my weekend went from Army duty to sex shop!
That definitely wasn't how I saw my day going when I woke up that morning!


  1. Ohhh.Myyy.Goodness!
    Well, you weren't bored,right? ;)

  2. At least no one was hurt. Boy.. I'd feel so gross having to use the restroom there! And no soap! Eww! I bet that really made you feel like you needed a shower... STAT! lol

  3. oh wow! First of I'm so glad no one was hurt. Secondly...I hope you showered asap when you got home hahahhaa! :)

  4. I'm sorry, that had to be traumatizing(I know my germaphobic self would have freaked!) but that is HILARIOUS!!

  5. Oh my gosh! That is craziness!!! The accident AND the scary sex shop! I think I would have peed on the side of the road before I'd have had the guts to go in there. ;o)

    No soap? What kind of bathroom doesn't have soap? Gross.


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