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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Coffee Date with You

If we were really meeting for coffee today...

... it would have to be iced.  Something about 100 degree, South Carolina weather doesn't make me want a hot cup of coffee!

... it probably wouldn't be in a Mason jar since we'd be at a coffee shop, but it would be cool if it was being the Southern girl that I am.

... I'd probably tell you how much I needed the caffeine since I started back to school yesterday, and my sleep schedule hasn't adjusted yet.

... Then I'd say how ready I am for the Fall semester to start so I can get back to Biology and Chemistry.
One more semester down is one step closer to me graduating.
And once I do that, maybe I can get a good job and move back to Charleston.

... I'd tell you how Chris' job search is still not going well, and its starting to really stress me out.
We don't really get to do much these days because, well, everything costs money, and we don't have it right now.

... But I'd tell you that I've been keeping busy working on Fall and Christmas items to put in my shop.
And working on this house.
If I can help it I will never live in another house that needs a lot of work again.
I just don't have it in me to have to replace everything because it's so outdated.

What would you tell me if we were meeting for coffee today?

I'm linking this post up to Coffee Date with Rags to Stitches and Virtual Coffee with Lucky Number13.

I hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday!


  1. What a neat link up! I've been enjoying lots of iced coffee lately although the weather here in NJ doesn't seem so bad since I grew up in the South. Still thinking about you and Chris with the job search - we went through that a couple years ago and I know it can be frustrating. Sending positive thoughts your way - good luck as you adjust to being back at school!

    I found it while looking through Utterly Chaotic Designs

    I would love for you to visit {follow} my blog

    Tiffany @ Dreams Do Come True

  3. Coffee in a mason jar would be pretty neat...but I'd have to replace the coffee with sweet tea!


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