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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday y'all!

Here's what I'm loving today!

I'm loving this pineapple peach salsa from Archer Farms!
It's seriously soooo good!

I'm loving that my 14 day love challenge starts today!
It's not too late to join in the fun :)

I'm loving that my Christmas puppy finally has a name!
Meet Pinto Bean :)


I'm loving D'Artagnan who has grown up on me way too quickly!!
(Compare this picture to the picture on my left side bar!)

And, of course, I'm loving my sweet husband!

What are you loving this week?


  1. pineapple. peach. salsa?!
    i want that, in my mouth, right now.
    not at this exact moment per say, because it would be joining some lucky charms in there, but definitely some time today. yum.

  2. that salsa.... i must try!! love your Wednesday, full of joy!! your so cute.


  3. Ohhh I love the name Pinto Bean! How adorable :)

  4. mmmm pineapple peach salsa sounds delicious! And pinto bean is such a cute name!

  5. Pinto Bean is soo cute!! I think I need to try that salsa.

  6. Thanks for playing along! Your new puppy is TOO cute!

  7. I am loving the 14 day challenge. Thanks again for posting it! Pinto Bean is so so cute! I love that picture of him in the stocking!! :)


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