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Friday, September 30, 2011

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge Day 9

I missed out on posting this yesterday, so I'm posting it a little late :)

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Day Nine
Favorite Football Pastimes

Football has always been about rivalry, even before I got married.
My mom, my sister, and I are big Clemson fans.
While my dad is a South Carolina fan.

Now that I'm married, my husband is also a South Carolina fan.
I think my dad really enjoys having someone on his side now to talk about it with :)

When Clemson and South Carolina have played each other in the past, my family and I have gone to eat at Wild Wings to watch the game.
Last year though we grilled steaks and watched the game at my parent's house.
This year my husband and I usually grill steaks every Saturday when our teams play.
I don't know why, we just do :)

I have been to a couple of Clemson games at Death Valley before.
My uncle had season passes to the games and a tailgating spot, and I really enjoyed the tailgating!
I wish I lived close enough to Clemson because if I did I would definitely enjoy tailgating on Saturdays!

One big part of my football watching includes dressing up all my furbabes!
What else is new, right?!

Here is a picture of Chris and me wearing our rivalry t-shirts with my parent's dog all decked out!

I don't have t-shirts for Youri or D'Artagnan so for last week's game, I tied a purple ribbon around their necks to get them in the spirit!

What are some of your favorite football pastimes?


  1. That's too cute!!! Love the outfits for you guys and the furbabies :)

  2. I love your furbaby outfit! And, I LOVE that you put bows on your other pets--that's so so cute! :)

  3. haha - I love the team spirit pouring from the furbabies! Youri's sweet face always makes me smile, cuteness overload!

  4. They are too adorable in those ribbons! I love that! It's so cute on them!

    I love the steak tradition! As a matter of fact, we're having steak tonight. haha.

    Hope you are having a good start to the week!


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