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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lady Gaga at the 2011 VMA's

Things were CRAY CRAY at the VMA's this year!
But aren't they always?!

So who better to kick off the craziness than GaGa as Jo Calderone!

I'm not going to lie to you. This was a bit too much for me. I'm soooo not into all the smoking, f-bombs, spewing beer, grabbing herself, or sexy advances toward Britney Spears that she displayed.

But I have to admit
she's got talent!
A lot of people didn't even realize it was her until she started singing!
I definitely couldn't get up on stage and pass myself off for a dude.

However, word has it that she wore a prosthetic penis in addition to her men's Armani underwear!
And that while at the VMA's, she used the men's restroom.
Like I said.
Too much.
Here is her performance as Jo Calderone in case you missed it :)

So naturally, I need to know...
What do you think??


  1. I thought the smoking and beer were a little inappropriate bc MTV has many younger kids who watch their shows however I thought she pulled it off and did a great job. :)

  2. i liked her... until she did this. It was SOOO creepy and gross. I seriously dont ever want to look at her again, bc she freaked me out!

  3. Well I have too agree it was too much, but I guess if anyone was going to pull it off it would be her. and she is one heck of an artist, I must say that!

  4. i finally watched the VMA's tonight... a little odd. My fav part, the tribute to B. Spears!

  5. Ok I definitely think it was creepy because she was SO GOOD at being male!!! I initially flipped over to the VMA's and had the tv muted and I saw part of this and was like "who is that? they look so familiar but who is it?" So I definitely think she pulled off what she wanted to during the performance (minus that slip on the spilled beer).

    The whole trying to seduce Britney Spears thing, that weirded me out. But I loved how Britney handled it when she laughed and said "No, I've already done that before" in reference to the Madonna kiss. But then Gaga kept oogling her!! Ewwww!

  6. I didn't see it but from what I'm reading on here, I wouldn't of liked it at all.

  7. ok, i know this was a little, um, outside of the box. but MY GOSH, that woman is such a performer.

  8. Wow. Thanks for posting this. I didn't see any of the VMAs...she's just crazy. I gave up on her with this latest album. :(


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