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Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Confessional

Happy Friday y'all!

These are my confessions.


I confess... I'm super excited about all the people who linked up their thankful lists to Thankful Thursday yesterday! It makes me so happy to see what everyone is thankful for :)

I confess... that I still haven't gone to see the new Harry Potter movie yet. I think that is definitely going to be on my list of things to do this weekend.

I confess... that I don't understand what made moustaches popular all of a sudden.

Source: via Joan on Pinterest

Source: via Pachia on Pinterest

I confess... that whatever it is that has made them so popular... I LOVE IT!

I hope everyone has a fab. Friday and a wonderful weekend!


  1. i confess...i am kinda loving the mustache craze too. like a lot!

    thanks so much for linking up!!

  2. Harry Potter is a must see!! We went Monday night and I'm so glad I finally got to see it. As I cried reading the book, I also cried in the theater. Sigh.

  3. I confess... the photos you linked up of the staches are adorable.!!!

    Hope you have a super weekend.

  4. I confess I won't see Harry Potter films til I have read all the Harry Potter books. (Same for Lord Of The Rings)

    New follower...Jill

  5. The Harry Potter was really good. Hope you find time to go see it.

    Have a fabulous weekend.

  6. I confess, I'm probably going to go see HP again this weekend, haha

    It really is that great - I hope you get to see it this weekend!

  7. I don't get the moustache thing either. I think they make men look creepy.

  8. What IS with the mustache thing?? I like the cupcake with the 'stache the best.. mmmm!

  9. Mustaches are pretty cool. But only if they are taken care of well. Grooming is key. I'm not so sure I like the decorating with them though.
    I wanted to go see Harry Potter this weekend, however finances dictate that we wait a bit longer to go.

  10. I don't get the whole mustache thing, and Can't say it does anything for me.

    I can say that I do like Pinterest

  11. haha.. I was wondering the same thing about mustaches. They're everywhere!!

  12. The HP movie was good!!
    And, don't fall into peer pressure Becca... Or I will tell Chris that you want him to grow a mustache of his own! Haha :)

  13. I had no idea Mustaches are in! :) thanks for letting me know, now I can put one on and be cool!

    I confess. I have no desire to see Harry POtter..bad I know. I think it's cause I didn't read any of the books. But eventually I will see it.
    Have a great weekend

  14. lol I had no idea about the mustache craze but that's hilarious. Whoever would buy that bedspread must have a lot of money to burn!
    You HAVE to see Harry Potter 7. I watched it twice. It's sooooo good!


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