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Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Confessional

Happy Friday y'all!

These are my confessions.


I confess... that yesterday morning when I stepped on the scale, and it said 139.8, I got back on the scale just to double check. I can't believe I've reached the 130's! Again, thank you Weight Watchers!

I confess... that I may not be so diligent about counting points this weekend since I have tons of fun planned for the Fourth with my family.

I confess... that I bought Youri and D'Artagnan matching polos to wear for the Fourth of July. Hey. They were on sale.

Here's a preview:

I confess... that I am super excited about date night with Chris tonight! We are going out for Mexican :) Surprise, surprise right?!

I confess... that I am really in love with my new blog design! Stay tuned for a post on how you can get a design like mine :)

Need to confess? You can HERE.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and SAFE Fourth of July weekend!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog design! It's so pretty!

    Holy cow! 130! Way to go Rebecca! You're kicking butt! :)

    Have a great date night tonight! I have no idea what we're doing for tonights date night. We go every Friday and last Friday was the first Friday in months we had to cancel date night and work at the new house. I have no idea what's in store tonight!

    Youri's haircut is as cute as it gets! He looks like a stuffed animal with that polo on! Just adorable! Haha it should be a crime to look that cute!

  2. Congratulations on hitting the 130s! What a great feeling you must have!

  3. Congrats on the weight loss! (P.S. That's how much I weigh too. :0 ) Happy Friday!

  4. Congrats on losing weight & getting into the 130's, that's great =)

    Mexican food sounds good! Have fun with that =)

  5. Boy I'd love to see the 130's, good for you!

    Youri looks more excited to be wearing the polo than D'Artagnan does, haha

    I love the new blog design too, super cute!

  6. Congratulations on the weight loss, good for you!!

    Congratulations on the new blog look, it looks great, love the new picture of you in the profile spot too

    You pup looks way more happy about the shirt than the kitten does, lol

    Thanks for sharing

  7. Wow!!! I had to do a double take and make sure I was at the right place!!! LOVE the new design! It's so professional!!! I love the pink text in the sidebars!

    And those matching polos. Oh my. :o) Don't they just look adorable!!! Do they mind wearing clothes?? My dog LOVES her sweaters in the winter!

  8. Congrats on the weight loss! I've been thinking about doing WW once I hit my 6 weeks postpartum. I really want to get back into shape!

    Have fun this weekend! I love the 4th! It's my fav!!

  9. Congrats on the weight loss! I can't wait to be in the 130's!!

    I love you layout -- so cute!

    Just stopping by from the Confessional hop!

  10. thats so adorable!

  11. Congratulations on your weight loss!

    The puppies look cute in their new clothes :)

    I love your new blog makeover, it looks great.

  12. congrats on your weight loss!!! have a great holiday weekend :)

  13. Wow, your new blog design looks fantastic! Hope you're having a great 4th of July holiday. :)


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