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Monday, June 27, 2011

"Add Friend"

It's as easy as clicking the "add friend" button on Facebook.

But one woman took it to the next level and added 152 of her friends' profile pictures on Facebook to her arm!

A video was posted to YouTube of the woman getting this outrageous tattoo.

Now it has come to the attention of the media that the alleged tattoo was actually a hoax; a temporary tattoo.

For me, that's not the point. This story really got me thinking about some things.

Do I actually have 152 people that are so dear to me that I would tattoo them on my arm?

I definitely don't.

How would I feel if one of my friends had my profile picture tattooed to their arm?

I think I would be a little weirded out!

What do you think?

You can find the full news story HERE.


  1. Well I enjoy reading your blog- I read everyone connected on google reader and I read twice a day if i can morning and night:) So please stick in there.. or keep me around? thanks!

  2. haha you make me laugh, i thought the same thing about this crazy lady. she probably didnt even know some of them! anyways i just found your blog and am a brand new follower :) have a good one!

  3. Yeah that's a little weird...

  4. Aye aye. I sure hope it was a hoax. I'm not a fan of this at all. It's creepy. Definitely wouldn't want my picture tattooed on anyone.

  5. Wow this was really interesting! I keep my friend count pretty low but would still not tattoo them all on me... only a handful of them maybe!

  6. That's just weird. Yes, I do talk to everyone of my Facebook friends from time to time, but I would NEVER get a tattoo of their profile pictures. That's creepy!

  7. pure weird. actually creepy to me.


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