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Monday, June 20, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Happy Monday y'all!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!

I'm writing random today. You can link up HERE.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{father's day}

I had a great weekend home with my dad for Father's Day! I think my dad had a really good day :)

And the furbabes did too!

{baby shower}

My friend from my Army Reserve unit is having a baby, and her baby shower was Saturday! I had a great time. She got a lot of really nice things for the baby!

{hair cut}

My little man got a huge haircut at the groomers! Our old groomers quit so it had been a long time since he'd been when I finally found a new groomer. He had one too many mats, so it ALL had to go! He looked so different I didn't even recognize him at first!

He went from this... this!

{science nerd}

I am such a total geek! My friend showed me this website where you can find anatomically correct stuffed microbes, bacteria, and viruses! Each stuffed microbe comes with information about the real microbe it represents. They even have STD's! As a Biology major, I must have these :)

{bad blogger}

I've been such a bad blogger lately! Last week I was super busy getting my house ready to have company, and this week I have company! I have felt bad because so many of you have taken the time to leave me such sweet comments, and I have had a hard time returning the favor and responding to them all. I will be doing better, I promise! Thanks for sticking with me y'all!

I hope everyone has a marvelous Monday!


  1. You little man's haircut is so cute. I bet he feels better as hot as it is! My Riley will sit down in the driveway and protest going on his walk (which he usually loves) because its so hot!

    Looks like your dad had a great Father's Day! :)

    xoxo, elizabeth

  2. I was a biology major, and they sold those stuffed microbes at the school book store. They are so crazy, but so cool!

  3. I hopped this way from Miscellany Monday- the stuffed microbes are awesome! I have never seen anything like that before...thanks for enlightening me! Haha!

  4. Aww looks like a great weekend and a great fathers day :) Happy Tuesday!

  5. Glad your dad had a fun Father's Day! That home theater system looks awesome. :)

  6. Beautiful photos. And your blog background had me straight away. Your newest follower, maybe you'll visit me some day.


  7. How precious is your dog! Could he get any cuter?

  8. Looks like I'm giving friends and family syphilis, gonorrhea, and herpes for the holidays, LOVE IT.


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