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Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's a boy!

No, I'm not pregnant y'all!

But I did just adopt the most adorable baby kitten!

Wanna see???

From this.... this!

He has made himself quite at home!

We're all adjusting. The dogs are very excited/curious/concerned. The kitten doesn't seem to be as concerned with them.

Mostly we're having a hard time because he meows in his cage all night. And I do mean all night. We're going to have to find some different sleeping arrangements.

I still haven't found a name for him, but I've only had him a little over 24 hours so until then he's just "the kitten." :)

Just thought I'd do what any proud momma does and show off the new addition to our family!


  1. He is sooooo cute! How about Smokey for a name since he is charcoal gray? haha

  2. Yay! I love it! He is so adorable!

  3. Adorable!! He looks so comfy in that second picture!!

  4. awwww, so cute!! Congratulations on the new fur-baby ;)

  5. Aww! My heart has officially melted. Love that picture! I love went animals become pets to a family that will take such good care of them and spoil them! My heart breaks when I hear of any sort of sad story about animals being mistreated. I wish I could adopt more pets but my husband would kill me! So glad you could rescue a kitten in addition to your pups. He is such a lucky boy! :) Can't wait to hear what you name him!


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