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Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Confessional

Happy Friday y'all!

Let's just cut to the chase.


I confess... that I am the saddest girl in the world.

I confess... that I love my dog Youri very much. I adopted him from a rescue just over a year ago.

I confess... that when I adopted him, I knew he had some health and behavioral problems.

I confess... that he has on occasion bitten me once or twice.

I confess... that after having him a year, I thought we were making some real progress in the behavioral area.

So yesterday when he not only bit me but laid into my hand like he was trying to take my thumb off, I confess I was shocked. He has never done that before.

In his defense, he was disturbed that a strange man was outside spraying the house for termites. I was trying to keep him from attacking the poor man.

I confess... that I cried like a 5 year old girl that got a boo boo on the playground.

I confess... that as much as my bloody, swollen thumb hurt, I was crying more because my feelings were hurt.

I confess... that I didn't cry in front of the termite guy.

I confess... that I just can't believe that this little face who always seems to love his mommy so much...

...could bite me like that.

I confess... that I don't care who thinks this is ridiculous.

I confess... that I feel a little ridiculous.

I confess... that I feel better now that it's all out in the open.

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  1. It's not ridiculous! It must have been a shock when it happened.

    Hope you continue to feel better about it all

  2. Wow....I can only imagine...I hope that his behavior gets better so he doesn't bite anyone else.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Oh you poor thing. That's awful! And I totally understand how your feelings got hurt. Our puppies are our buddies, so it's like a best friend just betrayed you a bit. In my dog's old age, she's gotten quite a bit more grouchy, so I have to be real careful not to upset her or she'll do the same to me. So sad!

  4. I don't think you're ridiculous at all! I would be distraught by the fact that my dog bit me if it happened.

  5. Oh :( I'm sorry hon! It's not ridiculous, animals are like our babies, and that seems a little like the equivalent of your teenager saying "I Hate you!" You know they don't really mean it, but some part of it really does sting...

    Loves to you and yours!

    My So-Called Chaos

  6. alpha mommy you must be...they are our babies, though ;)

  7. Awww. I hope you guys have made up by now. He's a cute dog!

  8. So sorry that Youri bit you!

  9. Ouchie! Hope your booboo is all better!

  10. Aww. I'm so sorry. That is so sad. I imagine your feelings would be hurt, mine would be too.


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