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Monday, August 1, 2011

Anniversary Weekend Recap

Hey y'all!

I'm back from my anniversary trip! We had an amazing time!

We went to Charleston, SC for the weekend which is where I actually lived until I got married. We stayed in a hotel downtown and spent the weekend dining, shopping, and going to the pool.

We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Charleston's historic district. We chose this hotel for the following reasons:
a) Location. It was within walking distance from everything we wanted to do. Downtown Charleston parking is really competitive so we wanted to be able to walk and not have to move the car.
b) Price. We wanted to save money so that we would be able to do more things downtown rather than blow our budget and have to spend the weekend in the room.

Well... we got what we paid for!

Enter room number 1. Yes. Number 1.

When we first got to the hotel and went to the lobby to check in, we noticed it was warm. And humid. On our way up to the room we passed some people in the hall talking about how hot it was. So when we got to our room and it was a little warm, we didn't think anything about it. So we suffered through the night. Chris and I slept with no covers at all and tried not to touch each other.
After a very hot shopping trip the next day, when we got back to the room, and it was hot I lost it. We called the front desk, and they sent someone to come look at the AC. Turns out it was broken. So they moved us to a different room and gave us a complimentary upgrade.

Enter room number 2.

This room was much bigger, and while it was cooler it was still warm. But we were grateful to be in a better situation than we were.
The next morning we were packing up getting ready to leave. I was looking underneath the bedskirt trying to find a clip that came out of my hair the night before.
And THIS is what I found.

Yea... please don't ever stay there! EVER!

The rest of our trip was great though! Luckily we hadn't planned to spend that much time in the room anyway :)

On Saturday we went to lunch at La Hacienda. We love our Mexican food!

Then we hit King Street to do some shopping. King Street is where all the boutiques and great shopping are in Charleston.

Simply beautiful. For those of you who don't know, this is where a lot of the movie The Notebook was filmed!

Saturday night we went and had dinner at Bubba Gump's! Chris and I have a collection of their glasses. Their glasses have the name of the location so we're trying to get as many as possible. So far we only have Charleston and Honolulu.

After we ate dinner we went back to the hotel and cut our year old wedding cake! And let me tell you, it was pretty darn good. Because I'm super cheesy and corny, I made us feed each other the first bite like we did on our wedding day :)

On Sunday, our actually anniversary, we headed home. But not before stopping for lunch at California Dreaming! It's one of my favorite restaurants. It's in an old civil war fort and has an amazing view of the water while you eat.

After lunch we went by my parent's house to pick up our furbabies and visit for awhile.

When we got home, I was really excited to see that the present I got Chris for our anniversary had come in the mail! I didn't order it as early as I should have. My present from Chris hasn't come yet, but it's ok since I was slack too :) I got him a set of personalized collar stays since he has to dress up for work. These are from Lisa Leonard Designs. We both loved them!

I'll show you what he got me when it gets here!


  1. What a fun trip, besides the NASTY hotel! Ugh!!! So gross.

    I've been to the Bubba Gump in Honolulu, too!!! It's so awesome :)

    Glad you had a fun weekend!

  2. Looks like a great trip!! Well, except for that hotel obviously. That's nasty!

  3. Glad you had a good trip...except for the hotel! I've been to Bubba Gumps AND California Dreaming! My cousins live in Moncks Corner, so we went to visit them a few years ago for Spring Break. :)

  4. I can't believe you found that under the bed! Who would do such a thing!?!! So Gross! But..

    Glad the rest of your trip was good! Looks like a lot a fun! : )

  5. Oh my gosh.
    I'm dying over here, that surprise under your bed is outrageous!! I just dont understand people sometimes.

    Happy anniversary though, looks like everything else was a blast :)

  6. Well, except for the hotel, it sounds like it was an awesome weekend!! Happy 1st anniversary to you both :)

  7. I am glad you had a great time, too bad the hotel wasn't so great!

  8. I thought of you Sunday and was hoping you had a great anniversary! So glad your cake was as good! Ours was too!

    The view of the waterfront at California Dreaming is beautiful. I love restaurants like that.

    Sorry that your hotel experience was so awful. At least it didn't ruin your anniversary getaway. I hope you made a complaint about that! Knowing me... I wouldn't have but I may have wrote a letter. They should be cleaning better than that.. which includes looking under the bed! New people stay all the time. So gross.

  9. Oh Rebecca my eyes!!! I can't believe you found that under your bed, that's so nasty!

    Aside from that it looks like it was a great weekend. How was the cake? I always wonder if it actually tastes good for people's anniversary haha.

    That fried onion thing looks amazing!

  10. congrats on your 1 year! it is exciting isnt it? looks like a lovely trip minus the rooms, eeww a tampon yuck yuck! love mexican food too, can't get enough of it. thanks for sharing your photos, charleston looks very gorgeous. what type of cake did you have?

  11. Gross. Gross. Gross. I would have taken that picture down to the front desk and demanded my money back for the entire stay!!! Yuck!

    I am dying to visit Charleston. One of my bff's lives there now and keeps trying to get me to come stay with her, but I can never find a good time to go! Looks like a really fun city though!

    I love the champagne out of dixie cups. ;o) I've made that classy move myself before! ;o)

  12. Looks like you guys had a good time other than the GROSS mishap at the hotel. People these days.. yuck!

    I LOVE Charleston. I wish I were lucky enough to live there, but I guess two hours is close enough. And Bubba Gumps -- YUM! And I happened to see in your photos the coconut shrimp... it's my favorite there! Darn I wish I were up for a trip to Charleston soon! Ha.


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