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Friday, August 19, 2011

"relaxing" things that would totally stress me out

I've heard about some spa treatments lately that would completely send me running out the door.
So naturally, I wanted to get everyones opinion on these :)

Fish Pedicures

Ok so I guess this one isn't so weird. I know that it's been done for years now.
I just don't think I could do it!
I don't really like the feeling of things crawling on me.

When I lived in Charleston, I went to the beach a lot.
When the tide would go out it would create these pools of water that I liked to lay in to cool off.
And I would lay there until I started feeling all these nibbles.
And looked down and saw all these little fish swimming around me.
I just couldn't take it!

Has anyone had this done?
What did you think?
I think I actually heard these were banned in New Hampshire..

Now for the most ridic...

Snake Massage

I just died a little inside just posting the pictures!
I think it's safe to say that I hate snakes.

Anyway, I can't imagine laying there letting snakes crawl all over me.
This is the kind of stuff they put on all those challenge shows because typically it's not the kind of thing people are into!
I want to have a massage to relax.
And I would probably have a heart attack during this!

Would any of you be into trying this?

Note: As a massage therapist, I would NEVER perform this type of "massage!"!
Although it might be nice to have the snakes do all the work for me ;)


  1. Ewe, ewe, ewe!!! We frequent a lake so there's always the random little fishies and I get yucked out every time! That to me would be like chinese water torture.

    The snakes? No words.

  2. My kids watch vicTORIous on Nickelodeon and they actually had a fish pedicure storyline in one of the episodes! Except the fish were from South America or something and it ended up that everyone who had a fish pedicure ended up getting sick because of it. Bacteria or something in the fish, I don't remember. Anyway, the whole episode I was like, "NO WAY! That's gross!"

    And don't get me started on the snake massage! I mean, I like snakes, but a massage? Ew, I'll pass!

  3. Have you jelly foot bath? There is a salon that I went to in NYC that offers them. Actually pretty soothing. We will have to go when you and Chris come visit!

  4. Eeeewwww. To both of them. Just eeeewwwww. I feel just the same way you do.

  5. I just got the heebie jeebies looking at those pictures!! Yikes!! If this is the direction spas are going, I need to train Cory in the art of massage. I will NEVER do something like that!

  6. OH. HECK. NO!!!!!!!
    NO NO NO NO!!! That just gave me anxiety LOOKING!!!

    I'll stick with hot stone massages!

  7. I think I'd love both of those! haha trying new things is my favorite :)

  8. ok, you are WAY braver than me, I would never even have been able to post that snake picture!!

    ewe, ewe, ewe not even either of them, noper, no way no way bob!

    I prefer my massage therapist to stand on 2 legs, and my fish to be dead on my plat, thank you!

  9. I totally agree that those would be the opposite of relaxing to me! I'll take my pedicures and massages from people! And I'll take my snakes dead, thank you very much!

  10. I have never heard of either! They are both so gross!! I could handle the fish pedicure if I had to, but I just cannot do snakes ever!!

  11. As you know from my confession Friday, I can't go near caged snakes in a pet store and I had to skip over the last pictures after seeing the first one with the snakes. Wow, I feel my skin crawling right now. These are spa/relaxing treatments? Who ever came up with those or tried those are Cr-AZY!

  12. I just got the shivers looking at that snake picture.....YUCK!!! I would TOTALLY hate both of those things...blech!!!!

  13. ok, those two pictures just freaked me out worse than the earthquake I just felt did..hah


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