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Monday, August 8, 2011

Easy Oreo Ball Recipe

This recipe is a favorite of my momma's and mine.

It's quick.
It's easy.
It's chocolate!

What's not to love?!

So here it is.

Easy Oreo Ball Recipe


1 package Oreos
1 8 oz. package cream cheese
1 package chocolate candy coating

Crush Oreos in a Ziplock bag.

Pour crushed Oreos into a large bowl.

Add cream cheese.

Mix well.

Now comes the fun part...time to get your hands dirty!
Roll into bite sized balls.

Place on baking sheet lined with aluminum foil.

Place in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

After the Oreo balls have refrigerated, melt chocolate according to package directions.

Coat the Oreo balls in the chocolate.

Place back on aluminum foil to harden.

Place in a container and store in the refrigerator.

Oh, and did I forget the step where you enjoy?!


  1. Yay will have to make this for the hubby thanks!

  2. Sooo easy! I'm definitely trying this sometime.

  3. YUM!!! My sister makes cake balls, which are just like that but with cake and icing, but they take forever to make, even though they are like little bits of heaven--my favorite are strawberry and champagne, and key lime almond cake!! These look SO good though, I need to try them!!

  4. Holy YUM, Rebecca! Thanks for this recipe! Even though my scale won't be thanking me for eating them! I have cream cheese at home and only half a container of Oreo's. I'll be off to the store for Oreo's and some melting chocolate in the VERY near future. Like tomorrow. :)


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