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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bad News

Ever have one of those times in your life when you feel like this?

Yesterday we found out that Chris is being laid off from his job.

His company is being bought out,
and there just weren't enough jobs to go around.

Financially I'm scared.
We're about to lose health insurance
as well as a steady income.
It was really tough for Chris to find a job in this economy,
and we're being faced with that all over again.

And I feel really bad for Chris too.
He loved his job.
He enjoyed what he did and the people he worked with.
Plus he worked in the same place as his dad.

I guess in retrospect it's a good thing that we haven't been able to have a baby yet.
Because what would we do without health insurance and a baby on the way?

And it's really sad because we really wanted a baby too.

I guess what it all comes down to is this is God telling us that this wasn't the best thing for us.
This job isn't what Chris was supposed to have.
We aren't supposed to have a baby right now.
This isn't the life that He has planned for us.

But it's still really hard.
I'm trying to trust in God's timing,
but it has never been an easy thing for me to do.

So I guess for now we'll just sit and wait on God to show us what's next.


  1. Praying for you guys and hoping he finds something soon!

  2. I know that God's plan can be really disheartening sometimes, but try to hang in there!

  3. Praying your hubby can find a job soon!

  4. I'm so sad to hear of this. I am hoping and praying that something even better will come along for you two. Keep us posted!

  5. Thinking about you and praying that he finds something too. I know its hard to put all your plans on hold (Corey was laid off two years ago and it was terrifying) but I so admire your attitude and know there is something even better in store for you.

  6. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully the things will get better for you guys soon. There's a reason for everything. God be with you

  7. I am so sorry to hear that he lost his job. I know that's an extremely scary and uncertain position to be in right now. I will pray he finds something he likes even more and will provide for your *hopefully one day* growing family!

  8. I'm so sorry to hear that! Prayers that it all works out for you guys very soon!!!

  9. I definitely thought I had posted on this before, and I am so sorry I didn't. I'm sure this news is so upsetting and I am so terribly sorry that you two have to go through this. My job contract ends in August and so I am currently doing some job searching as well. Sometimes life just isn't fair--but I know good things will happen for your little family! :)


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