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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend Recap

Happy Monday y'all!

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!
I know I did :)

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On Thursday night Chris and I dyed Easter eggs!
We had so much fun.
I love having the eggs around this time of year because I love to make egg salad.
I will admit that I normally soak a few that are cracked in the blue or green dye for a long time so that I can have egg salad that has colors in it ;)
I don't know why I like doing that, but I do!

Chris always has to take one egg and make sure it goes through all 12 of the dye colors.
He calls it the speckled egg!!


On Friday Chris and I drove down to Charleston.

My home church puts on a play every year at Easter called the Passion Play.
This year was the 25th annual Passion Play and the last year they will be doing the play.
I really wanted to see it for the last year so Friday night Chris, my sister, and I went to see it.

(That soldier to the right there is my dad!)

We had a really good time!
The performance is always really good.


On Saturday my sister and I woke up and dyed more Easter eggs.

Then my dad sent my mom, my sister, and I out shopping for Easter dresses!
Since Chris lost his job I didn't really expect to get a dress this year so I was really excited!
I ended up getting the very first dress I tried on at Dress Barn.
Have you ever shopped there?
They have a huge selection for a really great price.
My dress was a third of the price I would have paid for it somewhere else.

This is the dress I ended up getting:

We ate at Moe's for lunch, and Saturday night we had pizza for dinner and watched The Ten Commandments on television.
The Ten Commandments is an Easter tradition for my family!


On Sunday we went to Easter service, and then came home to a big lunch prepared by my mom.
My neighbors who I consider my grandparents came, and my aunt and uncle were also there.
It was a great day with family!

We took lots of pictures with everyone dressed up.
Allie was in her Easter dress and Pinto Bean, D'Artagnan, and Thomas were all in their bow ties :)

It just so happened that D'Artagnan's bow tie matched Chris, and Pinto Bean's bow tie matched me!

The cupcakes and cake my mom made!

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend as well and that everyone's week is off to a great start!


  1. I've never actually shopped at Dress Barn, I've heard of it but never took the time. Cute dress - I may have to the next time I need one!

  2. Love all your pictures! Dress Barn is a great store! I love the color of your dress!

    I did colored the egg whites of my deviled eggs from the idea I got from your Pinteresting Wednesday! It turned out cute! :)


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