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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dare You To Move

With everything that has been going on in mine and Chris' life lately,
I feel lost a lot of the time.

I've needed to find someway to encourage myself,
and this song has been giving me just what I need.

A blog post is in the works for more specific updates,
but today I wanted to share this song for anyone else who may be needing it
as much as I do.

"Between how it is and how it should be...
Dare you to move...
Dare you to lift yourself off of the floor...
Like today never happened..."


  1. Love this song.

    I hope that things will fall in to place for you and Chris and soon. I can't imagine the stress that you both are under and the toll it's taking on you both. :(

  2. I am so sorry you're struggling, friend. I feel that way sometimes too. I know life will settle down at some point, but I'm just ready for it to happen! I am definitely keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. You can always send me an email or twitter if you need to talk! :)


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