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Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Confessional

Thank goodness it's Friday!

If for no other reason but to confess ;)

I confess... that I love Friday Confessional! I look forward to it all week and start planning my confessions!

I confess... that I am very out of shape. Yes. I did it. I started training for my PT test next weekend. How is it going? Very painfully, thank you.

The old me makes this look way too easy!

I confess... that I got a little bit stressed about school today. It just feels like I'm never going to graduate sometimes...I will right??

I confess... that I have had a bad hair day week. The culprit?

Fortunately, I think it's supposed to be good weather for the weekend.

I confess... that my dad beat me in our basketball bracket challenge. Yes, even without march madness being done, it is that obvious! This is my first time EVER losing to him in brackets. And to top it off, I owe him a milkshake for it!

I confess... that every time I visit my family, no matter how good I think I pack, I still end up wearing my sisters clothes...including today! Trust me, she owes me :)

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  1. How far does your family live from you? I'm so lucky that we only live about 15 miles away from my family and his mom & stepdad and sister and her family live in our development.

  2. My husbands brackets are terrible too. Curse the #1's for losing!

    Good luck the the PT test!

  3. Good luck on the PT test. I don't have to worry about the whole bracket thing--I'd do horrible anyway as I know nothing about basketball.

  4. My 8 y/o son beat me in the basketball bracket this year .... SOOO sad!

    Except it is stinkin' awesome to see the underdogs kick patootie!

  5. Good luck with your test! Knock their socks off!

    And rain kills my hair too. If it's raining too much I have to just scrunch it and let it air dry because that's what it's going to do anyway.


    Have a great weekend!

  6. Sorry you lost your bracket, hope Dad enjoys his milkshake ;)

    Good luck on your PT.

  7. The rain has not been good to me either... Fortunately, it is sunny where I am now :)


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