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Monday, April 4, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Happy Monday!

Did I convince anyone? Yea, I didn't convince myself either :) I have a bad case of the Mondays today!

At least there's Miscellany Monday with Carissa at lowercase letters!
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{the lincoln lawyer}

This weekend me and my dad went to go see The Lincoln Lawyer. I would definitely highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes suspense with a little action. It was definitely one of those movies that made you think.

{scared of change}

Ever since I was in middle school, I have used the same perfume. My first perfume ever was Tommy Girl, but then I tried Ralph by Ralph Lauren. I've been using it ever since! A couple of years ago, I decided it might be time for a change. I went into a perfume shop and made this poor lady spray a million different swatches with perfume only to walk out of the store with the same perfume I've always worn! Really, though. It is a great perfume :)


I'm so excited that it's finally April so I can be super excited about Easter and no one will tell me it's too early :) I absolutely love Easter for all the fun, but for everything it means to me too.

For any of you who have been following my A Recipe A Week, I have a really cute Easter recipe that I will be posting later this week!

Go link up at lowercase letters and share all your random thoughts today!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


  1. Your blog is sooooo cute! Love the header! I have the hardest time with perfume. I am in desperate need of a new one and I just can't decide :(

  2. I'm having a case of the Mondays as well!

    I think I'm going to have to check out The Lincoln Lawyer. It looks great!

    I'm the same way about perfume. I'd been wearing VS's Very Sexy since high school then I got Vera Wang's Princess as a gift and loved it - now I don't think I'll ever switch!

    I love Easter too! So excited its almost here!

    xoxo, elizabeth

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    Life with Elizabeth

  3. Visiting from Miscellany Monday. That's my favorite perfume too. I've tried a few others but I always go back to it. I love that is smells so fresh and clean and it is not overpowering at all.

  4. Hope your bad case of the Monday's goes away! Can't wait for the Easter recipe! I've been wearing the same perfume for about 6 years now but I have a few other ones I use randomly. The one I use is Bath and Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla.

  5. Yep, it definitely been one of those Mondays ;)

    My favorite perfume is Dream Angels Heavenly by Victoria's Secret. When I worked in a retail store before my heart surgery, I found Viva la Juicy and I'm in love. I'll be glad when I can afford a bottle :P

    Can't wait to see your Easter recipe!


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