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Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Confessional

It's finally Friday!

Time to confess :)

I confess... that today is pretty much my weekend wrapped up in one day because I have battle assembly for the Army Reserves this weekend.

I confess... that I really don't feel like going to battle assembly this weekend. I just have so many other things that I need to get done!

I confess... that I may be slacking a little on the blog front this weekend because of battle assembly. I have to wake up at 0430, report at 0545, and my day will end around 1700 (that's 4:30 am, 5:45 am, and 5:00 pm for you who don't know military time)! I have it both Saturday and Sunday so if I disappear for a couple of days, you'll know why!

I confess... that even though I've been working really hard, I still don't feel ready for my PT test! Although, the fact that it's going to be that early in the morning could have a lot to do with it :)

Oh will be that serious.

I confess... that after my first three confessions, I'm feel like I'm a bit whiney today ;)

My husband loves to tease me and say that to me when I whine!

I confess... that since I started blogging, I barely get on Facebook anymore. What's surprising to me is that I don't really miss it!

I confess... that yesterday was the last day of my husband and my bible study, and I'm a little sad about it. We've been going through The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren together for the past 40 days. You're supposed to do it 40 days straight without missing a day, and we managed to stay committed. I hope we can be that committed to the next one!

I confess... that I'm loving all the awesome people I am meeting through blogging. And I love ALL of my followers! Your comments make my day :)

I confess... that there's still about 3 weeks left until the end of the semester, and I think my brain has already checked out! And I'm already having to think about which classes I'm taking next semester.

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Hope everyone has a fab. Friday!


  1. Good luck this weekend!
    And I think we can all whine sometimes. It's good to just get it out there and then move on. Or at least, try to move on. LOL!
    I get that checked out thing. I had it bad when I was in college. It was terrible.

  2. Haha, where do I start? I can relate to so much!

    I totally know how you feel when you say you have essentially a 1 day weekend.

    I have noticed that I haven't been checking out FB nearly as much as before. I can take it or leave it. I never really posted much to begin with but now I find myself checking Blogger far more than FB! :)

    And it seems my mind has been out to lunch for a couple weeks too. :)

    Gonna miss ya 'round here this weekend! Hopefully the weekend is fast for you so that you can get back to normal! Maybe that PT delay will give you some more time to prepare!

  3. Good luck this weekend! I know you'll do great! :-)

    "Would you like some cheese with your whine?" Lol, my oldest child says that to me; he's such a sarcastic little snot sometimes! ;-)

  4. Well, first of all, good luck on the PT Test! You'll definitely be in my thoughts.

    I'm ready for school to be out too!!

    And yes, sometimes a little cheese and whine is not so bad...we all deserve it every once in a while ;)

  5. I love this!

    Good luck on your PT test and try not to be so hard on yourself, I am sure you can do it! Sometimes we women are so tough on ourselves.

    That's so good that you're FB less :)

  6. I just found your blog today and now I am your newest follower! I would love for you to check out my blog and follow back! :)


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