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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday

Happy Tuesday ya'll!

I always can't wait to see what Top 2 Tuesday's topic is going to be, and The Undomestic Momma has another great one today!

For me personally, this one was a lot easier than last week's topic of songs! It surprises me how hard I have to think about some of these :)

Top 2 Drinks

1. Sweet Tea

I absolutely love sweet tea! My grandmama made the best sweet tea ever! Anytime I go out to eat anywhere it's what I always order. In 2009, I was in Maryland for 13 weeks training in the Army and sweet tea was nowhere to be found! Every time we would go off post I would want to order a sweet tea wherever we went, and it was a very sad reality that they didn't have it. It was a long 3 months!

Oh yes. That is a mason jar :)

2. Cherry Limeade

This is my special treat! I got hooked on Sonic's Cherry Limeades. I love their 2 p.m.-4 p.m. happy hour where drinks and slushies are half price. It makes my Route 44 Cherry Limeade only a little over a dollar! And it's worth every penny :) Of course, sometimes when  I go and buy a Route 44, they give me a receipt where if I call a number and do a quick survey, I get a free Route 44 on my next visit with the receipt and survey code. That's my kind of deal!

What are your Top 2 drinks? Link up and let us know!


  1. I've never had the Cherry Limeade from Sonic before but I do love Sonic and they have great sweet tea. :) I live in the Eastern Panhandle of WV and work in Hagerstown MD and can find sweet tea just about anywhere, thankfully! Chickfila is my favorite as well as my mom's. Sonic's is really good and Wendy's too. Popeyes.. hmm. theirs is good, but super sweet. (Not gonna deny that I bought a gallon of their sweet tea Friday night. haha)

    I may have to do this link up instead this week! :)

  2. We do not have the pleasure of having a Sonic up here in RI but I'm shocked to hear that you couldn't find sweet tea in MD! My family is from MD and that's where I learned to love it (and subsequently, my hubby learned to love it too after marrying me!). We always have a pitcher of it in our fridge!

  3. I love some Sonic Cherry or Strawberry Limeade too!

    I awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award over at my blog today - Life with Elizabeth - make sure to come pick it up! :)

  4. Okay, I am the biggest fan of both your choices!! We don't have cherry limeade in Canada!!! I would love to find a recipe for sweet tea!!! It is my absolute fav!!

  5. i love sweet tea!

    and have you ever tried the cherry limeade chillers?? OMG, seriously, its pretty much heaven in a cup!!! :)

  6. Sweet tea - the juice of life! And I love Cherry Limeades - especially during happy hour at Sonic!

  7. I've never tried either! :( I'm dying to try sweet tea!

  8. I totally agree with both choices! Sweet tea is definitely a top favorite though! With REAL sugar, for sure! Love your blog, who did the design? I'm looking for a bloggy makeover


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