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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Happy Sunday y'all!

I've seen this done on a couple of blogs and thought I would play along!


Current book(s):

I just finished reading Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen last night! For anyone who has not read it I highly recommend it!

But since then, I have moved on in my summer reading list and am currently reading Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. So far so good!

Current Playlist:

My Pandora account is set to Miranda Lambert radio :)

Current Color:

Current favorite color: pink
Current favorite color to wear: turquoise
Current color on my toes: Cajun Shrimp by OPI

Current Drink:

Because of Weight Watchers, Diet Coke :(

Current Food:

I'm not eating right now, but I had spaghetti squash for dinner.

Current Favorite Show:

Army Wives! I cannot wait to find out what happens in tonight's episode!

Current Wishlist:

To finish the degree requirements to get my Bachelor's of Science in Biology.

Current Needs:

A vacation complete with a Pina Colada in a coconut!!!

Current Triumphs:

Getting above a 3.0 GPA for last semester! I worked really, really hard for it!

Current Bane(s) of my Existence:

This filthy, junky house.

Current Celebrity Crush:

Definitely Leonardo Dicaprio! Can you blame me?!

Current Blessing:

That my husband got a new job not too long ago and is loving it! So proud of him :)

Current Indulgence:

Going with my husband to our favorite Mexican restaurant once a week!

Current Outfit:

A t-shirt and shorts. I went running earlier!

Current Excitement:

My husband and I are going to go to Carowinds today! It is an amusement park about 20 minutes from where we live, and we're going to break in the season passes today :) I need to remember to take lots of pictures!

Current Mood:

Happy!! :)

If you decide to do a currently post, leave a comment letting me know so I can check your post out!

I hope everyone has a great Sunday!


  1. After you finish Something Borrowed, you have to immediately read Something Blue!!! They go together and both are really good!!

  2. Fun! I joined up and did a post as well. :)

    I agree, you have to read the series Emily Giffin did...I enjoyed them all when they first came out.

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  3. Cool list :) Wow, I remember going to Carowinds about 15 years ago; such a fun park!!

  4. I had a friend that just finished Water for Elephants and she loved it! I plan on reading it this summer. :)

  5. Oh leo...always a classic ;) Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

  6. I love Army Wives! But I missed tonights at the regular time so I'm waiting to watch it after Coming Home. My boss texted me and said the previews for next week's episode looks good so I can't wait!

  7. I love this! I'm going to work on doing it today or tomorrow! I'm glad your husband is loving his new job. It's so great to enjoy work and makes it a lot less dreadful on Monday mornings! Your taco picture has officially made me hungry! I got another pedicure this weekend and saw they had Cajun Shrimp and thought of you. They also had it in the gel manicure polish. It lasts for 2-3 weeks! No chipping! I've been drinking too many fountain diet sodas. They are better than regular by a lot and zero points! haha.

  8. i'm stopping by from getting to know you on mannlands5, i recently read both water for elephants & something borrowed and i loved them both! i'm going to check out your "summer reading list" for more book ideas :)

  9. I love Em Giffens books. They are all so good.

    And so is mexican food!


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