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Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Confessional

Happy Friday y'all!

I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend as much as I am!

It's Friday so you know I'm linking up to confess. Link up HERE.


I confess... that I don't really appreciate all the maintenance that Blogger has been doing at night. That's when I prepare all my posts!

I confess... that because of this maintenance, I'm behind on my usual posts.
I confess... that I'm soooo sore from trying to prepare for my Army PT test again. Lets hope it actually happens this time.

I confess... that I'm a little very excited that I have lost 8 pounds to date using Weight Watchers! Only 7 pounds to go before my dad owes me a steak dinner :)

I confess... that last night I gave my pup his first taste of peanut butter, and he loved it! I should have taken pictures but I'm sure there will be more.

I confess... that I've slept in every day this week and need to stop. I think I'm caught up on my rest from finals week now!

I confess... that I am really ready to spend some quality time with my husband this weekend. Now that I'm out of school and home all day I really miss him during the week!

I confess... that I tried two new recipes this week for my A Recipe A Week and just got around to posting about it.

I confess... that I'm ridiculously excited to go out for Mexican tonight with my husband.

I confess... that all the time I spent cleaning this week brought me to the realization that my house is filthy.

I confess... that I love the art that I bought last weekend for $60 combined! I already posted about this on Wednesday, but lovely Blogger deleted my post during maintenance.

I think that's enough confessions for one week :) Don't forget to link up and share your confessions!

Hope everyone has a fab. Friday!


  1. I'm visiting from Mamarazzi for some juicy confessions. Dang Blogger!! Don't they know how much gossip and confessions they kept us from?! LOL And how much work I actually got done at the clinic? Sheesh!! Congrats on your weight loss - your dad is going to be owing you that steak dinner before you know it! Mmmm...Mexican. Yum! Now I don't know what I want for dinner. LOL Happy weekend!

  2. I love that kitty picture, so typical of a kitten!

    I swear spaghetti squash is hauting me, I want to try it...but I'm so afraid! And I'm seeing it EVERYWHERE!

    My house is filthy also, I get anxiety just thinking about it. Once I do a good scrub down this weekend I'm going to start implementing a weekly cleaning routine...we'll see how that goes, haha

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Love your new pictures, thanks for giving us a peek at them!

    Spaghetti squash sounds yummy.

    Good luck on your PT test again.

    Congraulations on losing 8 lbs--I must not let them find me ;)

  4. Visiting from Confessions:)
    I just started WW and am hoping for some awesome results:)
    Good luck with the PT test- situps were always my downfall. I never worried about pushups or the run but those darn situps were stressful for me!! lol


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