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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We Want to Know Wednesday

Happy Wednesday y'all!

Today I'm playing along with We Want to Know Wednesday hosted by Impulsive Addict, Janette, Mamarazzi, and Seriously Shawn!

1. If you could choose a Super Power, what would it be?
I think I would definitely want to be able to become invisible! There would just be so many benefits to that!  All those times you wished you could be a fly on the wall... :) Think Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility!
2. What would be your first frivolous purchase if you were awarded a million dollars tomorrow?
For myself, I would definitely get a Nikon D3100 digital SLR camera! And, I would have to get my husband that boat he's been wanting. Come on, the boat is for me too :)

3. What would be the hardest current luxury for you to give up?
Definitely the Internet! If I didn't have a phone I could survive because I could just call people online! Although I guess that means that in particular, it would be hard to give up HIGH SPEED Internet. I don't think I could go back to the days of dial up!
4. If you were given a choice between  being given great wisdom and great wealth, which would you choose?
Great wisdom. Because in theory, if I was given great wisdom I could gain great wealth :)
5. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island for 100 days, what 5 things would you pack?
1. A pretty nice tent. I can't see myself being good enough to construct a sturdy make-shift shelter.
2. A change of clothes. That way I wouldn't have to be completely disgusting.
3. Toiletries. I just can't see going 100 days without brushing my teeth, washing, or shaving!!
4. Matches to start a fire.
5. Water. Pretty sure I wouldn't be surviving the whole 100 days without it!
Make sure you visit one of the lovely blogs hosting this to link up your answers!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Love the boat! I didn't even think of that...I've always wanted one myself!

    I keep saying on other blogs that I would rather go without Internet than deal with dial up...does that scream ADD or what? haha

    The Invisibility Cloak IS awesome...but not as awesome as the Marauder's Map - the ultimate stalking tool!

  2. Haha those were fun!

    Thank you for the note today, by the way.

  3. Hey buddy! I love the boat and the camera. I need to update my camera and def could always take a boat :) haha! Hope your Wednesday is going good friend!!!

  4. Alot of our answers were the the illustrations with yours :)

    I wanna new camera day I'll have one.

  5. Our number 4 answers are the EXACT same!! and I heart HP! A tent?! I didn't think of that!! You're a genius!

  6. Ohhh I'm with your husband...I'd love a fancy boat!

  7. That boat is pretty a-maze-ing!!

    For years, I was trying to be Miss Frugal and stayed with the dial-up. Uhhhhhhhh WHAT WAS I THINKING???????

  8. ooooh a boat...FUN!! shizzle!!

    i would make my own shelter...i am a survivor like that! lol

    GREAT answers. thanks for linking up!

  9. OK well since you're not taking Youri with you can I have him?

  10. I want a boat. My hubby says that we will never have a boat or a motorcycle. I need to find friends with a big boat.

    What did we do without the internet? It's hard to believe that we view it as a luxury instead of a necessity. Sad!

    Thank you so much for linking up!!

  11. Loved your answers and so glad you linked up! !Your blog is super cute!! That lil' pup picture is just adorable (Youri) Being invisible would be awesome!!

  12. oh yes, Nikon for the win! i love me some nikons. just picked up a 5100 and the only thing that would make that camera better is the power of invisibility (so i can go people watch without feeling like a creeper...although i think that being invisible while people watching makes it thrice as creepy :] )


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