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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday

Happy Tuesday y'all!

I'm absolutely loving Tail Wagging Tuesday's with CMae! I love blogging about my pup! If you want to play along, link up HERE!

This week's topic is....

Share your pet via video!

Sorry these videos are portrait instead of landscape! Lesson learned :)

This is Youri playing with a bug that he found inside!

Youri at bathtime!

Youri getting blow dried!

Youri being silly :)

I hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday!


  1. LOL. Youri shrinks a lot at bath time, doesn't he?? :o) He's all fur!!!

    And I voted for more recipes on the blog!! You choose good ones!! :o)

  2. haha I love how he just sits there and lets you blow dry him! Peyton gets blow dried, but isn't as behaved as Youri!

  3. Riley never lets me blow dry him! He likes to be wrapped in a towel and cuddled!

    Youri is so funny playing with his bug. My Riley does that too! :)

  4. Ha! Love it. Have a great day!

  5. These are too cute!! Youri is adorable!

  6. I'm with the Elizabeths on this one. I can not get my dog to stick around when the hair dryer is on. Bath time would be cut in half if I didn't have to towel dry for so long!

  7. this is SO the same thing Aspen does! Goes nutzo rubbing all over the place when she is damp from a bath!

  8. Yourie is such a doll! Milo is a little more scared in the bath and also hides his head between my knees or under my leg when I'm trying to blow dry him. I think i also heard you say something like "him being a good boy" I totally use him or him's haha. Craig thinks I'm nuts. lol I wanted to link up today but couldn't find any way possible to send my video from my phone! Emailing it said the file was too large. It was such a pain. How do you upload a video from your BB?


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