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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Favorite Things Thursday

Happy Thursday {night} y'all!

Tonight I'm playing along with Melanie's Favorite Things Thursday! If you want to play along, link up HERE.

This week's topic is...

Dream Car

My dream car would be NOT a car! I'm an SUV kind of girl. That being the case, I would be perfectly satisfied with a Range Rover! Black with leather interior. Hopefully if gas prices don't come down, they'll make one that doesn't guzzle so much gas :)

Until then, I am MORE than happy with my Jeep Cherokee! I absolutely love Jeeps and have already owned 2: a Wrangler when I graduated high school and a Cherokee when I got married :)

What is your dream car?

I hope everyone had a great Thursday and a great day tomorrow wrapping up the week!


  1. LOVE. THAT. ROVER! One of these days.....

  2. I would love an SUV! I've never had one. I've only had 3 cars. I like cars but I think I'd love an SUV! The Range Rover is pretty and looks like it'd cost a pretty penny too!

  3. You chose a rockin' SUV. I had an Isuzu Rodeo years ago and loved it. My son was a toddler and called it "A Suzy" (since he couldn't say was so cute!)

  4. i want NOTHING more as a dream car than to have an unlimited gas card and a Range Rover :]


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