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Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Confessional

Today I am linking up with Dandelion Wishes to play along with their Friday Confessional!


I confess... that this is my first time doing Friday Confessional!
I confess... that I need to be studying for my anatomy test this week instead of writing this blog post! AND instead of watching TV with my husband...

I confess... that I ate wayyyy too much fattening food over spring break :( Seriously, McDonalds, LaCaretta, Atlanta Bread Company, popcorn at the movies, Burger get the point!

I confess... that I should probably go on a diet REALLY soon! I have a PT test and weigh in for the Army next month....AAAAAHHH!

I confess... that I slept until 12:00 pm today, and it was absolutely wonderful! In my defense, my husband had to work late and didn't get home until 4:30 am so I was up a little later than normal. In other words, I don't feel too bad about it ;)

I confess... that this spring weather has made me want to wear a dress, like EVERY day! Since I've wanted to wear one every day it has led me to buy a few. I seriously need to stop!

I confess... that my little Pom really needs a bath! He is one stinky puppy!

Yes, you!

Ok, I think that's about enough confessions for one day ;) Head over to Dandelion Wishes to link up!


  1. Love these!! Your puppy is adorable, and the food pictures made me hungry.

    Popping over from Mamarazzi's confessional, I just did my first one this week, too.

  2. Cute blog! Do you have a white boxer? I love boxers. My favorite!

  3. I have been eating horribly this week too...the scale is going to hate me!


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