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Monday, March 28, 2011

Miscellany Monday

It's Monday!

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! I definitely did since I got to spend it with my mom :)

And now it's time for Miscellany Monday with Carissa @ lowercase letters! I'm excited because today I have a lot of randomness on my mind!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{army wives}

I absolutely love the Lifetime Network series Army Wives. Ironically, I actually saw my first episode a couple of weeks before I got shipped off to basic training. Anyway, being in the Army myself, I find myself being able to relate a lot to the show in the good and the bad. Last nights episode was definitely the bad. If you watch the show, and did not see last nights episode, I will not spoil it for you. But in last night's episode you finally find out who died. I seriously cried my eyes out the whole episode! I still can't believe it :(


While my mom was in town this weekend, we made a trip up to Charlotte, NC to Ikea. We had never been before so we were really excited to go see what it was all about. I still can't believe how huge the store was! They had awesome show rooms set up with different combinations of furniture, art, and decor options. Since we're in the middle of remodeling our kitchen, the kitchen showrooms were my favorite! I got a super cute set of containers for my flour, sugar, and other items :) If you're thinking of remodeling or just redecorating a room, I would definitely recommend just going and walking through the show rooms to get some ideas.

Please excuse the wooden counter I said, we're remodeling :)

{under my umbrella}
I guess that's what I get for being so excited about it being Spring and nice weather last week.  Yep, it's back to cold weather again, AND it's raining :( I think I need a better umbrella. Does anyone else ever have the problem when it's windy and raining a good gust of wind flips your umbrella inside out? Happens to me every time.

{blessed in this economy}

We received good news this weekend that my husband finally found a good job in this economy! Since he graduated from college, he's had a really hard time finding a job and was still working at the same place he was when he was in school. I'm so proud of him and happy that he will be doing something that he will enjoy. It's nice to see that college degree pay off!

Link up and let us know your random thoughts today!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


  1. I have never been to an Ikea but my husband has a few times. I should go sometime! Love the canisters! Glad you had a great visit with your mom! Have a great week!

  2. Congrats on the new job for the hubby. I'm also loving that umbrella!

  3. i have never watched army wives but hear good things about it!

    congrats to your hubby.. what an amazing feat for the both of you :)

    doing a giveaway if you're interested in entering!

  4. Guess I'm going to have to watch Army Wives. I hear so much about it but have never seen it for myself.

    Glad for time with your Mom. There's nothing like it.

    Happy for Hubby and his job. These are tough times and anyone who finds a job, truly is blessed.

    I'm stopping by from MM and enjoyed the visit. Blessings!

  5. Congratulations on your hubby's new job!!! I love your new canisters from Ikea, and yes, my umbrellas do that all the time...maybe because I buy the cheap-o ones. Don't know if it would make any difference if I bought a more expensive one or not, it would probably do the same thing knowing my luck.


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